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CAD Collaboration, File Locking, File Synchronization, File Collaboration
Why PeerLink File Collaboration?
Fast local access of CAD files without version conflict

  • Bandwidth Usage Minimization
    • Bandwidth Management
    • Byte Level Replication
  • Real-Time File Synchronization
  • Real-Time File Locking
  • Parallel File Processing

CAD Collaboration - Synchronization and File Locking

A recent study of 40,000 projects found that 66% of projects completely fail or are late, over budget or missing critical features. The cost overruns average an alarming 43% according to the Standish Group International.

One factor that can contribute to these failures is geographical distance among project team members. Project teams now rarely have the luxury of working together in a single location. And they often lack even the assurance of having a stable team for the life of the project. Thus, as companies outsource more design and manufacturing services, their teams must find ways to work together across geographical and often company boundaries. A true solution would be to implement CAD Collaboration software that will enable users to collaborate and share files amongst each other, while providing file synchronization and file locking capabilities.

Learn how Peer can help you eliminate version conflicts and increase productivity by enabling CAD file collaboration among geographically distant offices.

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